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The North Sea Project



newcastle, UK

‘The North Sea Project’ is a collection of six songs which explore the past and present myths of North East England, from sea-swimming and ship-wrecks to Viking invasions. It was made in collaboration with composer Adam Kent and performed as a 15-piece ensemble at Sage Gateshead on 27th of January 2017.  

The project was made possible with funding and support from Arts Council UK, Sage Gateshead, North East Funds for the Arts and The Alan Hull Award. 


Performed by 
Ditte Elly Goard, Adam Kent, Ged Robinson, Adam Cooper, Matt Stalker, Beccy Owen, Sarah Grundy, Jayne Dent, Ed Cross, Gayle Roberts, Gemma Kost, Ele Leckie, Jo Montgomery, Chrissie Slater, Katrina Buzzard, Clare Crinson and Ian Harrington


...Praise be served to the one who sailed it first...

The North Sea Project was a very special experience for me. It was brilliant to see a celebration of the region in a personal, sometimes gritty way… the North East is often portrayed in a mawkish or stereotyped way, so I found the whole approach of these songs really fresh and different’


Audience Member at The North Sea Project performance

pamphlet north sea FRONT.jpg


Performance Handout

pamphlet north sea BACK.jpg
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