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Elowen is a story inspired by the Cornish folklore and mythology surrounding sacred wells. The wells are usually associated with a female guardian or saint, also referred to as ‘women of the wells’. The waters often possess some kind of healing or life-giving power. Some are said to give the gift of seeing the future. Some are said to be the way in and out of the spirit world, or even a direct entrance into the body of Mother Earth herself.

The music is accompanied by the story 'The Tale of Elowen' (written by Ditte Goard), which also includes all the lyrics for these songs. This book can be purchased as MERCH and will be sent to you in the post.

All tracks written by Ditte Elly Goard
Co-produced & mixed by Nicholas (Nikò) O'Brien at Upcycled Sounds
Mastered by Natalie Bibby at Metropolis Studios

17th May 2024
You can purchase both the music and the accompanying book on Bandcamp:
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